Development of products with a sustainable solution
to reduced environmental burden and promotion of recycling
towards a greener future.

Hiroyuki Industries is a first Asean company to produce Food Grade High Quality R PET resins; and specialist in manufacturing packaging materials based in Johor, Malaysia.

Post-consumer PET bottles are collected and input to a unique material transformation process.

Recycling plays an important role of a sustainable lifestyle for the green planet.


We are capable of recycled up to 550 million post- consumer drinking bottles per annual and transform to the Food Grade R PET resins. Our production capacity is 30,000 mt per annum.

Post-consumer PET bottle can be useful stuffs to increase the options of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle PET bottles such as Hiroyuki’s packaging materials.

Global Warming is increasing severity nowadays. Climate change requires very deep cuts in CO2 emissions. R PET resin helps in 79% lower CO2 emissions compared to virgin polymers.